Fight Like You Train, For Interviews

Train as you fight. You don’t know how you’ll do in combat until you get there. Just about any war veteran, I’d wager, would agree with that statement. The same is true with interviews. You cannot assume that you’ll do well if you’ve never done it. It’s like we always...

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What Are Your Questions?

Well, what are your questions? If you’re like many veterans, you know that the implied response to that statement is precisely…nothing. How many times have you been to a briefing, meeting or class where the sound of crickets could be heard immediately following that...

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Pre-Interview Nerves

You’ve reviewed your resume, researched the company and now finally, interview day is here. Stress is not unfamiliar to you. I mean, what’s an interview compared to riding down a road in Afghanistan not being quite sure if you’re going to find an IED, or suddenly...

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