Fire in the Belly

Fire in the Belly A close friend of mine recently interviewed for a job. For discretion’s sake, we’ll call him Jim. Lots of people could have made the argument that they were the best fit for the job over Jim. But based on what I know, Jim was uniquely qualified for...

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Tell Me About a Time You Failed

Ah yes, failure. A topic ripe with emotion and implications, it has become an area of focus, study and reflection in recent years. This is due in large part to the rise of growth mindset thinking, Lean practices and the overall cloud of uncertainty that hangs over the...

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Creating Commonality with Your Interviewer

We are naturally drawn towards people who are similar to us. This of course can have negative and positive consequences. On the one hand, we may be shutting ourselves out from those who are different, and experiences that could enrich our lives. But on the other, we...

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Happy 4th of July from Candorful

Candorful wishes you a very happy Independence Day! Thank you to all of the Service Men and Women who have supported freedom around the world. Candorful is grateful for your service. We have the honor to share USS Constitution's annual "sail" down Boston Harbor to...

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